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Drive More Traffic, Generate More Leads & Increase Revenue and Brand Awareness

Affiliate marketing is one of the online digital marketing strategies through which you can showcase your products or services by advertising links on high traffic websites where your customers like to visit most. With affiliate marketing programs, you can get access of leaders in your industry and can choose the right platform to promote your products or services among the target audience. Affiliate marketing is a very cost-effective way of internet marketing as it is based on pay-for-performance model, affiliates receive a commission when referrals generate sales.

We recruit a powerhouse of affiliates that generate leads for your business.

Axis Web Intelligence behaves as an intermediary between the affiliates and merchants. Axis Web Intelligence, one of the top affiliate marketing agencies in India, provides expert assistance in connecting businesses with the right affiliate marketing platform from where they can drive quality traffic to their websites. Recruitment of affiliates is challenging, but our research and insights help you to avoid such mistakes. We recruit profitable affiliates for your business, track the traffic through affiliate campaigns and analyze the data. In short, our affiliate marketing experts manage the entire campaign and committed to providing end-to-end management on your behalf.

“We provide end-to-end affiliate marketing management”

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Our affiliate marketing campaigns are very much affordable and designed with one goal in mind – you pay only for real customers and leads, and not for page views or clicks

Our wide range of affiliate marketing services includes:

  • Marketing Strategy Design
  • Text ads Creation
  • Creative Banner Designing
  • Potential Publisher Networks Setup
  • Recruitment of Quality Affiliates
  • Marketing Insights & Collateral
  • Commission Structure Assistance
  • Affiliate Program Management
  • Advanced Performance Tracking
  • Analytics and Reporting

Payment structures of Affiliate Network

You only pay your affiliate for each click (pay-per -click), registration (pay-per-lead) , sale (pay-per-sale) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Here are standard cost schedules based on pay-per-performance models.

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  • Cost per Sale (CPA)Affiliates get paid (in percentage) when the merchant closes a deal.
  • Cost per Lead (CPL)Affiliate gets paid per Lead Generation.
  • Cost per Click (CPC)The advertiser needs to pay the publisher on the per click basis.
  • CPM (Cost per thousand Impressions)Advertiser pays for every 1000 impression to the publisher and needs to buy a CPM inventory

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