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Social media has emerged as a powerful marketing platform in recent years. Social Media is an honest voice of the public and a perfect platform for user-generated content. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest are popular and profitable social networks among millions of people all over the world. Social media is the most popular way to do the communication over online medium. Through social media marketing, you can connect to your customers directly and interact with them. It gives you an insight into customer’s interests and grabs their feedback. This is the main reason why SEO professional is adopting the way of Social Media Optimization to promote the website to increase the online presence and credibility of the businesses.

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Millions of potential customers are on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. It becoming more important for businesses to make the jump to Social Media and reach out to their target audience and explore the new opportunities. Social media marketing services focus on gaining “followers” or users to spread a marketing message across numerous networks. By connecting through social media, you can keep your potential and current customers engaged to hold their interest by providing the regular updates on your company products, services, offers, deals, announcements etc.The social media model is constantly becoming larger and many popular social media platforms provide advertising and monetization opportunities to businesses interested in getting involved. And now it has become competitive where businesses are regularly watching their customers and exploring to draw new visitors and grab their attention.

Why Social Media Marketing
  • Grow your network
  • Less marketing expenses
  • Increase in sales
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Generate quality leads
  • Market Awareness
  • Direct Interaction with the customers
  • Maximize profits
  • Fortify brand value
What Can You Expect

Let your brand ideas flow to More Traffic, More Reach, More Customers with our Affordable SMO Services

A well planned social media marketing strategy can yield 1.5 times better results. However, if not done, your money, energy, and efforts can go down the drain. Axis Web Intelligence has a team of an enthusiast, social media marketers experienced in optimizing businesses on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others. Our SMO professionals carefully analyze, monitor and improve social media marketing initiatives through various proprietary and standard strategies to reach a new audience. We design social media campaigns keeping in view your business goals. We help you in implementing branding across all social media platforms effectively to ensure that online users are seeing the right message.

  • Brand Management

    Acquiring the appropriate profile names is one important step towards social media marketing and also we make your profile perfect to describe your brand purpose. It improves confidence among the users.

  • Monitoring

    We keep a close watch to monitor your social media channels and set you a step ahead in the terms of conversations. Constant monitoring of the social media handles ensures you stay ahead in the competition.

  • A Thoughtful Analysis

    We have a way with the online data and insights. With this approach, we perfrom meticulous data analysis to get to the actual requirements of your social media marketing mediums.

  • PR

    “Content is the present – and future – of marketing” An authentic content should be used to its core. With this approach, we produce genuine and high quality content to reach long and decent coverage.

  • Promotion Across the Channel

    A perfect plan of action helps us to get exponential reach of your ideas and our experts ensure that you get your message hooked to your social media marketing channels in a right and meaningful direction.

  • Engagement with Customers

    Our social media experts keep a real engagement with the potential audiance and identify the prospects. It helps us to convert the majority of traffic into active leads for the growth of your business.

There are the tools and techniques that Axis Web Intelligence considered as the essentials to make successful social media optimization:

Social Networking

We create and maintain the social media profiles of your business and promote on social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Digg, Squidoo, Plaxo, Mister-Wong, Myspace, Delicious, Slashdot, Tumblr, Mixx, Folks, Rediff, etc. We implement common branding techniques to strengthen recognition across all social media networks. Our social media experts work to drive traffic and online brand exposure and get more audience response on social media networks. We make your brand position strong to promote your business and keep your user engaged within your business by regular message broadcasting.

Articles & Press Releases

Our expert content developers write articles and press releases on behalf of your company. Our writers perform thorough research over the topic before writing the article and press release for your organization. We manually write articles with catchy titles and publish them on popular platforms. We also keep your audience informed by promoting the latest news and updates of your industry. PR submission is one of the best ways to promote your brand online. Press releases and articles are propagated to numerous channels for maximum visibility.


This is the utmost beneficial way of doing effective SMO. Our content experts write a blog with valuable targeted keywords for the clients and asset you in spreading the company’s message. We broadcast your products and services on different blogs and forums, which also includes RSS feeds. We post content on your blog on a regular basis and keep the readers informed about your company, brand and engage you with your customers effectively. We also do microblogging through Twitter and other microblogging sites to drive traffic.

Social Bookmarking

Effective social bookmarking helps you get more traffic, increase visibility & branding and more links. Submitting your website or blog in front of millions of people increase traffic to your site and build brand awareness among the audience. We do effective social bookmarking management and use popular social bookmarking sites with tremendous volumes of traffic, thus doing the relevant social booking will ultimately lead to an increase in your search engine rankings.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

The best way to interact with your prospective customers is through a strong social media presence. The process that we put into Social Media Marketing is pretty simple from a user standpoint.



Social Media Audit

We conduct diligent social media audits, we evaluate and optimize your company profiles on social media and strategies related to managing and utilizing these profiles for optimum results for the organization.



Build the Audience

We help you in building the relevant audience base on the social media platforms and create awareness about your business to bring the traffic of the audience to the social media pages of your organization.



Customer Engagement

We help you to convert most of the social media traffic into active leads by engaging you with your customers positively and effectively. Our social media marketing professionals a delicate balance of communication.



Social Posting and Sharing

Posting regular updates and sharing information constantly with your customers is necessary. Our professionals take care that posts and shares are being published on time and correct manner.



Social Media Advertising

We use the social media platform to advertise and promote your company’s products and services. We create social media advertisements and help you to gather audiences and convert them into active leads.




This phase involves the creation of report based on various social media metrics and demonstrate the social media presence of your organization and measure the latest progress in quantitative and qualitative terms.

Our Social Media Expertise
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Review Management
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Ads
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Youtube Video Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
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