Get benefits of voice search SEO by optimizing your website for google voice search

google voice seo website

Voice search is changing the way people navigate online, watch videos, make purchases and read the information.

Voice recognition technology has remarkably improved since its inception. Google claims 95 percent accuracy. 20% of search queries on google mobile app and android devices are made with voice, while thirty one percent of smartphone use voice search at least once a week. Google voice search is being popular and impacting the website SEO in various ways. Here are a few recommended steps businesses can take to adapt accordingly.

google voice search seo

Key factors to making your website ready for voice search

  • Optimize website speed performance and reduce page load time
  • Use SSL (https) to make your website secured and certified
  • Use answer rich content and add a page that answers FAQ
  • Make heading and content in the format of conversational queries
  • Provide context with schema markup and optimize site’s metadata
  • Use local information and keywords to increase search volume
  • Create high-quality links to increase the domain-authority
  • Use mobile-first website design to engage with a large audience